Paladin Attachments

cut 4 inch brush

Bradco Ground Shark Brush Cutter

Model: GSS72, 72”, 26-32 GPM with ¾” coupler

4” capacity, 3 bi-directional blades, ¼” steel deck

List: $8,823

Sale: $7,350

remove that stump

Bradco Stump Grinder SG26

Model: 100319

26” wheel, 10” below ground, 60° range of motion

List: $9,455

Sale: $7,199

clean up fast

FFC Utility Brush Grapple

Model: 12272-0022

72”, skid steer mounting, hose coupler kit

List: $5,042

Sale: $3,900

prepare for seed

Harley Hydraulic Angle Power Rake

Model: M6H-0022, 72”, carbine teeth, adjustable poly barrier, independently

adjustable wheels, 13-25 GPM hydraulic flow, 14 pin harness for standard units

List: $11,994

Sale: $8,999

dig a hole

McMillen Auger Drive

Model: X1475, includes: auger drive unit (3500 PSI max, 3000 PSI continuous),

mounting bracket with cradle, hose kit with flat-faced couplers

List: $2,999

Sale: $2,499

clean the pavement

Sweepster Angle Broom

Model: 22072P, 72”width, 33.5” high, 32” brush diameter, single motor

Includes: hydraulic angle cylinder, hoses, wire harness

List: $7,168

Sale: $5,970

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