Sweepers, 220 Series, QCSS Angle

The Sweepster QCSS Angle Broom (SSL Angle Sweeper — Hydraulic Drive) is designed for a skid steer mount. Use for windrowing material left, right or straight. Available with manual and hydraulic angle and widths from 60 to 84 inches. This product is also available CE certified.

sweepster QC Angle Broom 22059p


  • Drive slips out of core without removing hydraulic lines from wheel motor
  • Brush core is reversible for even brush wear
  • 32" diameter brush for longer life
  • Angles manually 30 degrees left/right
  • Faceted hood design provides maximum strength at ends of the hood
  • Choose poly, wire, or poly/wire brush
  • Includes skid steer mounting
  • Great for heavy duty cleanup
  • Power from loader hydraulics
  • 10-36 GPM flow required (3000 psi)
  • Quick attach mount
  • 5', 6', 7', 8' brush widths available
  • Mechanical angle standard (hydraulic optional)
  • Quick change core
  • Optional modular design that can easily change a single into dual or vice-versa
  • Fold away stands

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  • Sweepster model 22072P - single motor
  • 72 inch sweeping width, 33.5 inch high, 32 inch brush diameter
  • Includes: hydraulic angle cylinder, 72 inch hoses, wire harness
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The Sweepster 22059P is great for cleaning snow, gravel and debris off driveways and parking lots.

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